Do you dream of starting your own Glamping business? 

Or simply owning a beautiful structure for your garden?

We understand that many people have the desire to do these things, but it can be daunting to pay for everything upfront. In response to this we are now offering a new service to make sure that more people have access to our products in an affordable, sustainable and flexible manner.


We are now offering a rent to buy scheme where you can have your dream pod, or garden structure custom built and hand made to your requirements, with several flexible payment options available to ensure you can get what you want with the payment scheme that works for you.Requiring only a 25% payment of the overall price to commence the design and construction of your pod, you would then be able to choose from our range of monthly repayment schemes.


Not only is no repayment required for the first month after delivery, to ensure you can set up your glamping business stress-free, but we also understand that the off season (November-February) can be less profitable for glamping and are therefore reducing your monthly repayments by 1/3 during those months to give you peace of mind over the winter season. We will also charge you no interest for the first 6 months of having your pod in your possession, again, to ensure your peace of mind.


We will keep you up to date with your pods progress every step of the way, giving you a clear timeline, process and development of your pod. Upon completion we would require a 5% sum for its release and delivery to you, wherever you are in the country.

Should you wish to clear your balance early, we have no early repayment fee - not only that, we then offer a 25% discount on your remaining interest balance to help you along.


Upon your final payment, we offer a ‘freshen up’ for your pod, meaning we will spend one day ensuring your pod is top notch and ready for it to be completely yours. Whether it be sanding and oiling to make it fresher or replacing canvas, we want your pod to belong to you in its best form, no matter how long you’ve rented it from us. We are also currently offering 10% overall discount for the purchase of 3+ pods booked at the same time.


So, why choose one of our pods? We are preeminent in our field for unique aesthetics and environmental construction techniques.
Not only are our pods made of local, natural wood, we minimise our use of plastic, and use only natural finishes. We support local business and crafts people by sourcing a large majority of material within Devon, and our structures are planning permission friendly.

We are not a heartless bank, we are not a cold corporation, we simply want our products to be accessible and affordable for those that hold dreams similar to ours; to have beautifully crafted products that retain and hold the value of nature and craftsmanship, that reflects our environment, is snuggly, safe and beautiful to behold and be within. With 15+ years of living within self built structures, we understand what works in all weathers and locations. We personally guarantee our products to be durable, weatherproof and comfortable so that you can rest assured that your purchase will perform admirably in adverse conditions.


Within our creations we incorporate the following values.

  • Low impact - natural materials, local production/craftspeople.

  • Light foot, small footprint, minimal ground disturbance, ideal for ecologically sensitive areas. SSSI’s.

  • Set up anywhere - no ground work/foundations.

  • Local, durable, sustainable timber.

  • High quality Stainless steel, brass, copper, wrought iron fixings.

  • Easily moved, towable uk road legal trailer base - pull behind any vehicle with a ball hitch tow bar.

  • Quick multi terrain set up - adjustable feet level to all surfaces.

  • Fully weather proof and storm ready.

  • Organic aesthetic, natural forms, harmonious design.

  • Bespoke, customizable design, tailored to your desired use and needs.


If you are wanting to start your glamping business in 2020, now is the best time to order from us.

We are only allocating 6 spots between now and March on a first come first serve basis to allow us time to ensure your product is ready for the start of the season.


With prices starting at just £6500, we aim to create your perfect pod to suit your budget.


So please, feel free to message us, call us or email us to get more information and arrange a no-obligation meeting where we can discuss your design, needs, ambitions and our payment offers.




Rowan Stickland Pods at The Pod Emporium.

Where your imagination is the only limitation.

Beautiful. Comfortable. Affordable.


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