Having been a carpenter for the past 18 years, Rowans expertise and passion has led him to a place where he is able to combine all his skills and interests into the magical pods he builds. From the concept, to the design, to selecting the specific wood for each project from local timber sawyers, Rowan runs every step of the process with his sheer drive and vision for his creations.

There is little limit to the varied outdoor spaces he can create using his skills; having started professionally as a cabinet maker building bespoke country kitchens for a family run company, there he learnt the basics of carpentry, before branching out and exploring more of the field.

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Having experimented with sculpting in wood, he then built himself a yurt that he lived in. This experience inspired him to design and build other creative and novel structures to offer protection from the elements but also to be beautiful to behold. His experience guided both design and practicality meaning he could move on to create bigger and better structures that could benefit both the environment and the clients experience.

'An awareness of my environmental impact as a maker has had a huge influence on the creation of my work, wanting to create low impact dwellings using natural materials that don’t cost the earth'
- Rowan Stickland


'Rowan is an inspired designer, fantastic to work with, very approachable and a brilliant communicator - we couldn't be more happy with our Polypod! Big thanks Rowan'


From our adorable Pod lamps to our incredible, portable Pod Caravans, we do everything pod! From the initial concept, to the design, to the feel of the wood, we lovingly craft and create each piece by hand, step by step. This insures not only quality craftsmanship but a totally unique pod every single time.

We take great pride in our process, resulting in unbeatable structures that can not be compared in the Glamping market when it comes to design, uniqueness, quality and comfort. We have spent over a decade building our expertise and knowledge as well as designs and ambition, growing our confidence and expanding our models and options for clients.

To ensure the most minimal impact on the environment, we use locally sourced timber that is also the most durable: in particular, we use Larch, Douglas Fir, Oak and Sweet Chestnut. We also use rust proof fixings such as stainless steel, brass and copper for durability. Our pod designs and basic structures are often inspired by natural elements and forms, that of seed pods and beetle shells. Within our design process we like to work in close consultation with our customers to ensure we create the perfect pod that fits their needs and dreams.

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